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Your adventure on the water should be filled with fun, relaxation, and most importantly, peace of mind. With OceanGrip products, you’ll get just that. We offer the best in non-skid surfaces for your watercraft, providing safety for your family, protection for your vessel, and comfort for the soles of your passengers! We have non-skid applications to suit all types of watercrafts. Whether engaging in water sports or other aquatic activities such as fishing, cruising, sailing, skiing, diving, or just relaxing, OceanGrip will deliver the peace of mind that you and your passengers deserve.

Why Should You Choose OceanGrip?

When it comes to providing a non-skid deck for their watercraft, boat owners and operators have multiple options available to them. However, when choosing OceanGrip non-skid marine traction products, the difference becomes clear; Unique, durable, attractive, and comfortable surfaces for your vessel. Made in the USA from special non-absorbent foam that is UV protected, it gives you long lasting protection that is scratch, chip, and dent resistant, and will set your vessel apart from the rest.

With the increased traction from OceanGrip non-skid decks, you will have a safer boating and water experience, especially for activities such as fishing, water sports, and diving. Concentrate on having fun, not on getting from one side of the boat to the other!

Applications for all Water Activities!

OceanGrip partnered with 3M to produce a top of the line, marine-grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive, which allows OceanGrip to be installed easily. Simply peel, place, and stick in the area you desire to have protection on your watercraft.

Highly durable, visually appealing, and shock absorbent, OceanGrip’s pads provide safe traction for any water vessel, whether you pilot a luxury yacht or a personal watercraft. With the ease of installation and customizable non-skid pads from OceanGrip, you will find a use for them on any and all watercraft you own, from commercial and personal fishing boats, airboats, ski boats, houseboats, SCUBA outfitters, personal watercraft, platforms, and even your boat dock steps.

Contact us today for more information, and to see how OceanGrip is the solution for traction and safety needs on your watercraft!


“My name is Heath Daughtry. I am the Production Manager for Yellowfin Yachts. In the years that I have been employed with Yellowfin I have seen customers request some of the most off the wall ideas you could imagine. I never think that I have seen it all. Ocean Grip is a versatile product that we use in several different methods of our construction and customizing process. It is used for a gasket material on our hatches, anti – fatigue pads through out the entire boat or at the helm. Also in areas of protection. Rods, reels, Scuba Tanks and Gel coat. Not only do I have the confidence that the product withstands the rugged abuse of the saltwater environment our boats are in, I have the confidence in the Ocean Grip Team that what I need and how I need it will be delivered to me correctly and on time. No matter what the request.”

Heath Daughtry, Yellowfin Yachts

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