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“My name is Heath Daughtry. I am the Production Manager for Yellowfin Yachts. In the years that I have been employed with Yellowfin I have seen customers request some of the most off the wall ideas you could imagine. I never think that I have seen it all. Ocean Grip is a versatile product that we use in several different methods of our construction and customizing process. It is used for a gasket material on our hatches, anti – fatigue pads through out the entire boat or at the helm. Also in areas of protection. Rods, reels, Scuba Tanks and Gel coat. Not only do I have the confidence that the product withstands the rugged abuse of the saltwater environment our boats are in, I have the confidence in the Ocean Grip Team that what I need and how I need it will be delivered to me correctly and on time. No matter what the request.”

Heath Daughtry, Yellowfin Yachts


“I spend my entire day on the water on the top of my poling platform, there's no where else I rather be. I recently had Ocean Grip install their product on my poling platform, under my gunnels for rod & reel protectors and casting platform. I can not tell you what a difference this has made to both me and my anglers on the bow. Everyone that steps onto my skiff not only comments on the terrific look and finish of the product, but also on how comfortable it is for those of us that go all day. The team at Ocean Grip goes above and beyond for their customers.”


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